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Although the apostille process is complex and varies depending on various parameters, including knowing which country the document is destined to be used, The Signatory Express is dedicated to ensuring expedited signings with excellent service!  Birth certificates, school transcripts, adoption dossiers, and death certificates are all examples of important documents, which may need to be apostilled in order to be valid in another country.

Many foreign countries will not validate a document from another country, especially a legal one unless it bears the legalization of the apostille or other specified authentications.
As Apostille Agents, we are trained and certified to assist you in the necessary Legalization and Certification processes required for the complexity of handling varying documents to be accepted by foreign countries without further process. We specialize in assisting individuals, families, and businesses in properly authenticating their documents per the requirements of every country, state, federal, and embassy government agency.
As your trusted Apostille Agents and commissioned Notary Publics by the Georgia Secretary of State, we are certified as a reliable provider in obtaining the necessary Certifications, Apostilles, Authentications, and/or Legalizations per the requirements of every county, state, federal, and embassy government agency.
Many personal, business, court, and government documents are readily accepted in countries that have been properly apostilled, authenticated, and/or legalized by the appropriate government agency. 

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