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I-9 Forms

What's an I-9 Form?

I-9 is a federal form that helps the government identify and ensure only eligible workers hold jobs in the U.S.

Does the I-9 Form need to be notarized?

This form does not require notarization. Companies can outsource the signing to an authorized representative (like a notary).

Where to get an I-9 Form?

Employers can run an internet search for I-9 Form or visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-9. The form is easily downloadable.

Who needs to fill out an I-9 Form?

All American companies that hire new workers must file an I-9 Form or work with a designated authorized representative (like a notary) service to complete the process. Companies must collect the I-9 for citizens and noncitizens upon hire.

What do you need an I-9 Form for?

An identification card issued by a government agency that includes a photo, as well as name, date of birth, address, and a physical description. These may include voter registration cards, military ID, and other widely accepted forms of identification. A Social Security number will also be required.

$45.00 Starting at $45/Form

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