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Notary Permit Expediter (Runner)

Our professionals are experts in compliance regulations. Let us help EXPEDITE your permits!

Our Notary Permit Expediter (Runner) presents applications, plans or the necessary paperwork for a building project to the building or other local and state departments for their permission. 

The NPE obtains (pulls) the permit; then either faxes or mails a copy to the builder or drops the permit off to the builder.

Let us help manage the paperwork during the permitting process, by dropping off or picking up paperwork from city/county offices, reviewing materials, reviewing permits to ensure they meet all submission requirements, and interacting with both city and project staff to help advance approvals. We are happy to stay in contact with your team to better estimate when each permit is needed.

$750/structure for building permit expediting services, plus miscellaneous fees (applications, copying, travel, notarizing, etc.).

$750.00 + Any Additional Fees

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